Lyon, France, about a year ago. By the way, that’s a wall.

Setting personal goals (and meeting them) is essential. About a month and a half ago, I decided to code and release a personal blog in Spanish and English. It was a project I’d been putting off for years. Yesterday, I managed to finish more translations, so I can really say that this version is ready. Finally, I can say that I’ve achieved the vision I had: I have my space to express myself, it has the features I wanted it to have, it looks like I want it to look and I did everything on my own. To achieve this goal, I had to reject projects and lose some opportunities. But I could do it.

That left me wondering about the mental/emotional barriers we raise around us. How much is a month and a half in an average human lifetime? Very little. So, why did it take me so long to do something that I was interested in doing? I don’t have the answer. Does anyone have it?

Now that I have the page that I want, I’ll continue working on the Unity game that I was making.

I froze this last week, but I didn’t stop thinking about the development, so I expect to make a relevant by next week.

Anyway, what’s relevant in here, is that I already have a space to express myself. Which takes me to the photo: Lyon, France, about a year ago. I uploaded it because I felt like it, isn’t that beautiful?