Action plan – Version 0.0.2


  • Establish the project’s main objectives.
  • Define how to carry out the project (globally).
  • Limitations.
  • Strengths.
  • Work methodology: operating framework, times, support platform, etc.
  • First survey: preliminary research of WordPress themes.
  • Web Design.
    • Survey of magazine or news websites.
    • Theme Research.
    • Home template implementation. (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
      • Prototyping tools selection.
      • Logo Creation.
      • Template implementation.
      • Creation of a Bootstrap grid with the main sections: logo, menu, sticky menu without javascript implementation, different cover models, possible footers, possible widgets, main section (feed) and sidebar.
      • Object modeling: posts for cover section.
      • Object modeling: posts for main (feed) section.
      • Adjustment of settings.
      • Javascript interaction development (sticky menu and image shadowing).
  • WordPress development(estim 40 hours)
    • Get starter theme from underscores (estim 1 hour)
    • Global elements development (estim 4 hours)
    • Home Cover development (estim 15 hours)
    • Home main feed development (estim 10 hours)
    • Final details: (estim 10 horas)
      • Single posts (estim 1 hour)
      • Template-parts, página 404 error (estim 1 hour)
      • Bug fixing (estim 8 hours)

Get starter theme from underscores

Although, by applying the documentation of the Codex, it would be perfectly possible to develop a theme from scratch, it isn’t necessary to do it. Nor is it desirable if we want to develop the theme in a week. We can resort to the underscores page. Just by configuring a few fields we can get a zip with an organized structure of programming files to modify.